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This is a repeat of the other blog…

This week’s homework focuses on practising CHUNKING for division. To do this, remember the method:


I start with
and then remove “chunks” of 45:

450 (10)

225 (5)

45 (1)

Then I add up the number of 45′s I used- 10+5+1= 16 so the answer is 16.

This method is a good method for checking and assuring yourself the answer is right. If you like another method, use both- once to do the sum and one to check- but always do chunking first on this homework!

The “Funky Chunky” sheet is available below for you to download!

NB- this homework is due in on Friday this week- don’t forget to also revise measures and distances either online or in CGP books- more tests next week on measures!

Maths Homework chunking sheet

Welcome to new work support blogs!

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Welcome to a new version of our homework and file sharing blog…

as we use the blog I am always looking to improve things for you. As some children have had problems with the old blog and with downloading work files, I am trying this NEW blog to see if we can make things a little easier! We will start it off with this week’s maths and English homework and go from there. Good luck!